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Woody opening day-- Blue Sky Basin

........ Born in Charlottesville and growing up in Virginia, I graduated from the University of Richmond in 1971. Shortly after graduation I went to work for the Burroughs Corp. (now Unisys) designing and selling mini-computer systems. The mini-computer of the early 1970's was one of the stepping-stones for the personal computers which are so prevalent today.

While with Burroughs I had the good fortune to learn to ski and completely "got hooked' on the sport. I decided to leave Burroughs and I moved to Vail in the summer of 1974. After working at various jobs for a couple of years, I started teaching skiing in 1977 and I maintain a skiing as well as personal relationship with many of my early students even to this day.

After being lucky enough to live as a single man for my first 15 years in Vail, I married my wife Joyce in 1989. We now have two beautiful daughters (I'm not a bit biased)-- Kimberly age 28 and Leah age 25.

My real estate career began in 1984. After working for the largest real estate company in the Valley for many years, I decided to start Woody Newton Real Estate in 1993 to give a more personal and client attentive approach to buying and selling. Vail Buyer Brokers is my latest  venture because I see a need for complete Buyer representation which has for so long been almost non-existent. That why I don't take listings, I want no conflict of interest in my total Buyer representation.

We are all 100% committed to living and working in the Vail Valley and look forward to helping you realize your Vail Valley dreams as well.


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